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We're a team of professionals that came together to provide high-quality and valuable content for our readers. We work with some of the best digital marketers in the world, and we provide strategies and tips so you can grow your business online. Motion Network is an Online Educational Platform that provides Real Value and High-Quality Blogs and Online Tips related to Digital Marketing and Online Business. Our mission is to empower people through knowledge, wisdom, understanding, insightfulness, creativity & innovation by providing educational resources such as blog posts on various topics such as SEO marketing techniques or social media management tools etc., thereby making it easier for them to grow their businesses online!

Founder & CEO
Rutvik Boghara

Rutvik Boghara

Founder & SEO at Motion Network

Indian Blogger, 2D & 3D Motion Graphic Artist

Rutvik Boghara is an Indian professional blogger and 2d&3d Motion Graphic Artist. Blogging is his interest and passion, he loves writing about anything to do with technology, design, or marketing. Rutvik started blogging in the year 2019. loves to learn new things, and has an interest in photography. He also enjoys reading books related to science-fiction or fantasy novels, which he finds fascinating! His favorite film is “The Dark Knight”. Rutvik is currently 21 years old.

My Journey

Blogging is my interest in writing. And I’ve made my existence sanitation from Surat. I’ve made take a look at arena global Institute of diploma Animation from Surat. And I’m a movement, Graphic Artist. may of my profession from 2019 to the leash. that is whilst my 2.5 years of having a look at pursuing. I came to this field so that I was a Sketches Artist. And I used to be additionally interested in cool animated films and shows. when I was feeling my first job, I was very sad. because I did no longer realize a way to do paintings within the animation enterprise. but one aspect in my mind become decided that I’ve created considered one of my organizations and do work. I did the job for 1.5 years after which I started doing online work. After some months later, I started out up the organization [Motion Network] and I am doing work today.