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If you have a blog, a website, a youtube channel, or any social profile and you are struggling to find new content ideas, and then this blog is for you. Today, I will share seven methods to generate hundreds and hundreds of content, ideas to publish on your blog, or whatever you are doing online. Stay tuned. Let me show you this,

I always have a blank of content ideas I can use any time to generate and create content. 

Youtube Keyword Tool

Go to H-Supertools, And Open the Youtube keyword tool.

youtube keyword tools

It is not only for youtube. Let’s see the magic. Let’s say you need to be about digital marketing, Search digital marketing, wait a couple of seconds, and boom, you will see how we have three hundred thirty-two keywords.

digital marketing search result

All these are keywords, and you easily make content. All these are content ideas you can use on youtube or anywhere online on your blog or your social profiles anywhere. All these are content ideas. So Youtube keyword tool is one of the best tools to generate hundreds of keywords and content ideas. 

Answer The Public

answer the public

Go to a website called Here, you can find what people are asking online, such as an affiliate marketing search. Let’s wait a little bit.

answer the public results

And you can see now we have seventy-two questions that people are asking on search engines about affiliate marketing. All these are ideas and keywords, and questions that people want to know the answer to. So all this is one of the best content ideas you can get from the public’s response. What question, which questions, who questions. All these are the questions you can write about on your blog, creativity about on your channel. Create posts on social media. Now answer.

So there’s method number two, exploring questions with the public, and it’s open to the questions.


Quora is one of the best Q&A websites on the Internet. Also, it’s one of the best websites to get traffic. Quora also is an immense treasure to find content, ideas. Why here? And also what people are asking and talking about. Let’s go here and search for digital marketing.Quora search Result

You can also go here to posts and see all posts related to digital marketing.

Quora post

Quora is significant to get traffic.

Ask Your Audience

I do this with One strategy.

Sending an email

It is my email marketing system through convert get my newsletter. I can send a message and ask people what they want to learn about what they want.

Google Search Console

How you go to search results section and performance and go down. You will see the list of queries searching on google and finding websites through all these keywords. Just go here and read these keywords and find the new content ideas for your website.

Competitor ReSearch

Go to Youtube or Google or any website publishing content in the same niche as you. What’s interesting about it depends on your niche, so do some research and find other websites and your need and start searching and collecting content ideas.


Forums are one of the best places to see what people are talking about and collecting content ideas.


I think you know that. It’s one of the top websites worldwide where people visitors content and engage together and talk about everything on this planet.

Go search for your niche, see what people are asking, what people are talking about, and collect content ideas.

So In this way, you can find more and more ideas for your content.

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