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 How you get a website with high organic traffic in this short period. Simply the organic traffic Bomber method. I am so excited, so happy to publish this blog that I am sure it will help many of you get organic traffic into your blogs into your website in a short time.

You will need to work only 10 or 15 minutes a day for only ten days consistently, and you will see results. I know a lot of you will not even continue to visit. You will not even watch this couple of minutes. Some of you will not even try this. It’s only 15 minutes, and they will not try it. Then after one month, they will send me a message or start asking how I get traffic to my website.

Friend, I am telling you how to get traffic. Please read this blog couple of minutes and apply it only 15 minutes a day, instead of scrolling into Facebook and wasting your time. Just use this method which is Super simple and free. Just try it, and you will see it’s working. It worked with me. It works with millions of people all over the world.

Easy Way To Your Website With High Organic Traffic

We will copy and paste your content on different websites all over the internet, on websites that are getting millions of visitors every month.  Very simple. Just copy and paste your content, your blog posts on other websites. I will show you the websites one by 1, step by step, and explain how this method will help you get a lot of traffic, thousands of new users, and people into your website. 


The first website is Linkedin. Of course, I,m not going to tell you to go and paste your links inside the feed. Suppose you have an account perfect. If you don’t have one, go and sign up. LinkedIn is one of the best social media or social networks to help you grow and get traffic. Copy your article headline and paste your article in Linkedin. It will take less than one minute to publish your article on Linkedin.


Similarly, the second website is Quora. Quora is one of the best websites to easy way to your website with high organic traffic. Quora is simply a Question and a website that you can ask and answer questions. But today I,m not going to tell you to go and answer questions and link back. No 

Quora profile

You will get your profile here. Click on your profile, and then you can create a space on Quora. You can see I have this space. Motion Network and I are a contributor in this space. 

Quora profile

Now what you are going to do is create an account on Quora. Sign up and click on create space. Name it whatever you want. You write the description. You can add an image, whatever you want. It’s like a small website, a small group, a small space for you inside Quora can post your articles and again, open this and start copying and pasting your articles on Quora. I will tell you in a little bit how this helped you a lot. So copy and paste, as you can see above, space. I pasted my article here.


Similarly, the fourth Website is Medium. The medium allows you also to post your articles. You can write articles On Medium. So if you don’t have a website, you don’t have money to start affiliate marketing. You can use as your website to post your articles and promote affiliate links. Now my point here is to go and create an account, sign up and then click on Write a story and paste your article here. Again copy the content and paste it inside Medium.

Okay, now the main question you may ask, anyone can ask. Okay. I published and copied, and pasted my articles on this website. How will I get organic traffic?   What is the relation? It is imperative. Why?

Simply because of an example Medium. It gets around 183.03M monthly visits. traffic

If you an example on Quora. It gets around 550.42M monthly visits.

If you an example on Linkedin. It gets around 1.33B monthly visits.

Okay, so the first benefit is that he may find your article if someone is searching on Linkedin for a topic. Those websites Quora, Linkedin, and Medium, have a very high rank on google high authority. So your article may also rank on google through this website instead of your website, which is still new and has no Google position. And this is very important. So you can get free organic traffic from search engines into your articles.

Now we still have a problem you may tell me. I got traffic into Medium and Linkedin. But how I can get traffic back into my website, you have to create internal links. You can paste your all social link, website link to all your articles.

One crucial point is to publish real value, Not long value, tangible value. It may be a small paragraph, but it will be of real value to your followers.


Simply inside makes click on this plus icon and paste your article blog.

You can add to the collection and publish your article on also gets around one point four million visits per month, which is also very good. It’s from the US, so it’s a good traffic source. Publish also all your links or your articles constantly on


I know everyone here knows Pinterest, but Pinterest is mighty in terms of traffic. Why? Simply because Pinterest people use the search feature a lot, not like Facebook and other social platforms. Humans use the hunt to locate things they’re interested in.

So click on create after you sign up. If you don’t have an account, click on create a pin and enter your blog and title on Pinterest.


I think it’s one of the best that requires somehow some more work, like four or five minutes. It is a It allows you to create and publish small slides or small e-books. Slideshare gets around 182M monthly views. So it’s also one of the best websites to publish on and get traffic from your websites.

So these are my six websites.

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