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Quora Marketing 2021 – How to Get Traffic From Quora

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Getting web traffic, getting visitors, how to get visitors? This is the main question when it comes to working online. If you have a blog, you have maybe a shop, online shop, whatever, you have a Youtube channel, you need visitors. You need people to come to your websites. Without visitors, Without Web traffic, you will have nothing. Your online business will fail. Very simple. Now, to get web traffic or to get visitors mainly we have two methods the free organic traffic and paid to advertise.

In this blog, I want to show you one of the top methods to get Web traffic, to get thousands of visitors almost every day totally for free. How is this simply using Quora, the number one killer website on this planet I will explain. What is Quora and how to use it? And I will discuss with you the best practices and top tips and also get the maximum traffic from this awesome website. So stay tuned and follow up with me. 

I will not waste your time talking about Quora. I think you heard about it before. But just in case it’s simply a Q&A(Question & Answer) website where anyone can go to the website, ask a question, and people all over the world will answer his question.

So simple. Now, why this website is so important? Because simply it’s very popular. Millions of people are visiting this website and a daily basis. So

Social ideas-cuate

What is the idea here?

Simply, you will go to this website and start answering people’s questions and then you can link to your website or whatever you want inside these questions and get traffic, of course, without spamming.

Blog post

We’ll talk about best practices and how to do this practically in a little bit. So there’s the overall idea, posting your answers, your high-quality answers, variable answers to people, and linking to your blog, your website, or YouTube channel to whatever you want. 

Let’s don’t waste more time and go to Quora and see practically how we can work on this awesome website.

Write Your Answer To Get Traffic

Ok, friends, you can see I am in here. You can ask whatever you want and answer whatever you want.

  • Go to search Quora here and search about questions and your topic.

Let’s say we are talking about digital marketing.

Quora search

You say digital marketing and you can see all the results, all the questions about digital marketing.

Quora search Result

Simply go to these questions and open them and you start answering them.

Give Valuable Answers

Don’t be a spammer. Just give real value so you can build trust and authority with people so people will know you as that person who has an answer. A good answer to the questions. Ok, now you may be asking.

  • Go and select a filter the latest questions and answer the latest questions

Do I need to answer all these questions?

time table

If you can do this, maybe go with it, but as a best practice, what you are going to do is go down here and select the latest questions. You can go Past hour and you will see the latest questions and be the first one to answer. So your answer would be at the top of these questions, and this will give you somehow the opportunity to get more views.

This is the question here. Just click on answer and start writing your awesome answer. So as I told you before, just try your best to give a high-level answer and give value to the readers. Now, while you are writing your answers, you have two tips you can follow. 

  • The first thing is to add images. Images are very important because your questions or answers will be unique. So your answers will be somehow more visible and they will have a higher chance to be read by people looking for answers.

Import Youtube Videos

If you have any youtube channels. You can just copy and youtube video and got your answer and paste it. And it will appear as a video embedded with you inside the answer. And this also is very important because it will give you more traffic, more views to your Youtube channel also. So this is the second step while writing your answers.

Make Your Answer Somehow Long

The answer to any query you’re answering has to be big. And it’s also important to put an image to make it exceptional. The answers, not two or three sentences.

So that’s this Quora and how to use it to get traffic.

Important Tips For Questions Can Rank On Google

Now we still have some more important tips I want to share with you because questions can rank on google. So it’s very important to go and see what questions are ranking on Google. How to do this.

Simply, you can use Semrush to get the top questions on Quora and a specific topic and go and answer them so we will get a lot of organic traffic from google.

semrush oraganic

Also, while asking these questions, you can go here to Semrush and go with organic research if you want to get a seven-day trial if you want. And search your question and check rank on google. Now, you will get the questions related to digital marketing and ranking on Google. You can go and answer these questions and get a lot of organic traffic.

So in this way, you can get more traffic from Quora.

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