Yoast vs Rank Math: The Best SEO Plugin

Yoast vs Rank Math: The 2021 Battle For Your Best SEO Plugin

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Yoast SEO or Rank Math SEO? Which of the two SEO plugins will you choose? It’s a tough choice, and it all comes down to your needs. If you’re looking for a plugin that is easy to implement and provides detailed analytics, then Yoast SEO is perfect for you.

But if you want more control over the backlinks and rankings on Google SERPS, then Rank Math might be what you need! Please read our blog post today to help make this decision easier for you by providing insight into these two powerful tools.

What is Yoast SEO Plugin?

Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that offers you all the tools and features to make your site search engine optimized.

Yoast SEO plugins use innovative technology, readable content, keyword optimization of titles & meta descriptions, and social media integration for better ranking in Google.

Yoast SEO plugin helps you in Yoast SEO by showing you the strength of your website’s SEO on one screen and providing tools for finding & fixing the issues that are lowering its score.

Yoast offers many features to optimize your site’s search engine ranking, such as keyword optimization of titles and meta descriptions which is very helpful for increasing organic traffic from Google.

It also provides social media integration for better ranking in Google with Facebook Comments Boxes that help make sure only authentic comments reach your page.

In addition, it has a browser extension called Search Console Integration or “SCI,” which alerts you when your site is indexed, as well

Yoast SEO plugin also includes a module that makes sure every page of your website has the same meta description and title tags, so visitors can find what they’re looking for quickly.

What is Rank Math SEO Plugin?

Rank Math SEO Plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows you to fully customize your RankMath™ tracking so you can see what’s important!

Rank Math SEO Plugin includes a comprehensive Rank Tracking Module with the ability to track over 50 ranking factors, including:

    • Google organic rankings
    • Bing organic rankings
    • Yahoo organic rankings
    • Alexa rank

Rank Math SEO Plugin also comes equipped with “Site Stats,” which allow users to measure their site against competitors to determine where they stand.

This Rank Tracker will not only show how many pages are indexed on search engines, but it also tells visitors about keyword density and backlinks data. It’s easy! Get RankMath today by clicking here.

Why is SEO Plugin Important?

Integrating SEO plugins for your WordPress website is essential because search engine crawlers can crawl more site pages. The SEP will ensure that Google indexes all links, images, and files on the site.

Without it, you may not be getting traffic coming into your business or blog from organic searches. With a good SEO plugin installed on your website, there would be tons of benefits, including:

    > Your content will get shared more easily with social networks like Facebook and Twitter since they can share articles directly without copying and pasting URL’s out individually

    > It’ll bring in extra leads for sales opportunities as well as free advertising through word of mouth referrals

    > Higher ranking results in SERPs which mean higher conversion rates

    > The SEO plugin is essential. Be sure to research the best plugins for your site and install them today!

Yoast vs. Rank Math: Which SEO Plugin Is Best For You 

 Which SEO Plugin is the best for you? Yoast or RankMath.

Yoast SEO Plugin

    > Yoast plugin is a free and popular WordPress plug-in to optimize your site’s search engine results by checking the keyword density, readability, page title, meta description, etc.

    > Yoast helps you check all the essential settings that affect how well your content can rank on Google (and Bing) SERPs.

    > Yoast plugin is widely used by many WordPress users to optimize their sites for SEO.

    > Yoast plugin offers around 90+ link metrics.

    > Yoast allows you to add links to a page or post by using the Search Engine Friendly URL feature and edit your permalink structure automatically through Yoast SEO’s internal redirects mechanism.

    > Yoast – Advanced Optimization Features Yoast includes advanced optimization features that can help users optimize their site content with ease: Readability checks such as sentence length, word count, etc.,

    > Headline analyzer, and keyword density checker among others, allow editors without technical knowledge to optimize content for SEO.

    > Yoast also offers page speed optimization, accessibility, and mobile-friendliness checks, as well as on-page analysis of duplicate title tags or meta descriptions, among others.

    > Yoast plugin only offers an Email contact form available but no other forms of customer service like a phone call, live chat, etc.

Rank Math SEO Plugin

    > RankMath offers an in-depth audit of any website’s backlinks profiles with over 90+ different linking metrics, including Domain Authority/Trust Flow from MozRank as well as MajesticSEO Link Equity total scores across all domains.

    > RankMath provides more than just one metric, the MajesticSEO Link Equity score, for example, Domain Authority/Trust Flow from Mozrank.

    > RankMath offers a suite of robust SEO tools that will help you create high-ranking content as well as monitor how your rankings are evolving through more than just one metric.

    > Rank Math – Website Link Analysis Tools RankMath delivers an array of powerful link-building analytics tools.

    > RankMath – Advanced Link Building Tools RankMath provides a suite of link-building tools that will help you create high-ranking content such as backlink alerts which allow users to monitor the latest changes in their website’s backlinks profile.

    > Rank Math – Customer Support RankMath provides customer support through live chat on its website and email at [email protected] to answer any questions about their products or services.

    > In addition, RankMath also provides tutorials and blog posts on how to use their software effectively so that users can get more benefits from it. 

Yoast and RankMath have different functions and features with some overlapping aspects like keyword density checking, which Yoast performs better. Still, the most significant difference between these two plugins is in-site linking. 

Which Plug-in Should You Use?

I Recommend you Yoast SEO Plugin

Pricing of Yoast vs. Rank Math

  • Yoast offers three plans – Standard, Premium, and Business Pro, with the price of $99/year for the Yoast SEO Premium plan, a yearly-based license per website in a single location (unlimited websites).

  • Rank Math – Pricing Plans The pricing plan of RankMath is based on three different plans: $99/mo ($999 annually), $299/mo (~$2900 annually), and Enterprise Plan priced at a custom quote basis with an estimated cost below $5000 per year.

Why Rank Math is cheaper than Yoast SEO: 3 Important Reasons

Yoast SEO is too expensive for many small businesses that are just starting

Reason No. 1

Yoast has been around since 2008, which means their software hadn’t evolved much in recent years due to not being able to keep up with changes Google made – we’ve seen this happen before when SpyFu went under because they couldn’t handle the new updates from Facebook’s algorithm change.

Yoast SEO is going to be rendered useless when Google changes its algorithm again.

Yoast doesn’t guarantee that they’ll keep up with the new updates.

In fact, Yoast even told one of our customers who was about to sign on for a Yoast contract, “we’re not sure how much longer we’ll support old versions,” which means Yoast will stop supporting older versions very soon. You won’t know what version your SEO plugin is running.

You can never get ahead of the game with Yoast because it’s always too late once your fixed monthly fee has been deducted from your account.

If Yoast expires before you recoup its cost, then you’ve lost 100% of your investment and are paying $99/mo to get Yoast’s limited features. Rank Math allows you to upgrade any time and the best part is if Yoast doesn’t evolve for another year.

Your strategy isn’t working anymore (which is possible with Yoast’s lack of support), then it only costs a one-time payment instead of $99/mo, not including taxes and fees.

Reason No. 2

Rank Math also offers 24/hour customer service compared to Yoast, which is only available Monday – Friday from 06:00 AM ET to 07:00 PM ET. Ranking well on Google will never be something that who can complete within those hours!

Reason No. 3

The last thing we’ll mention as an advantage of using Rank Math over Yoast SEO is their price points; they’re significantly cheaper than Yoast.

Yoast charges upwards of $99/month, whereas Rank Math’s Pro Plan starts at only $12/mo, and the top tier package only costs a one-time payment of $399 per year.

Rank Math SEO Interface

Rank Math SEO Interface is a Rank Tracking Suite that uses Rank and Domain Competitiveness to provide recommendations on improving their rankings.

Rank Math SEO Interface includes rank tracking, SERP Analytics with real-time data, domain trackers for keyword competitiveness analysis, competitor analytics for gaining insights into the ranking positions of your top competitors, as well as industry benchmarking reports.

  • Rank and Domain Competitiveness Reports

  • SERP Analytics with Real-Time Data

  • Keyword Competitiveness Analysis

Rank Tracking by Country + Search Engine for Local Ranking Analysis (Google, Bing)

The Rank Math SEO interface provides

Rank Analysis Reports which show various aspects of URL ranks like PageRanks in Google Search Results (SERPs), Title Ranks in SERPs, and Bait & Switch Report;

Competitive Intelligence Reports which analyze domains’ competitive profiles such as Ahrefs metrics (SEOmoz) or SEMrush metrics (SEMrush).

Yoast SEO Interface

Yoast SEO Interface is a Yoast plugin that lets you control the Yoast settings and see how they affect your site’s performance. Yoast SEO provides an interface for managing Yoast’s most essential features, including:

  • Reading Time

  • Focus Keyword

  • Title Structure Checker

  • Readability Score

Each of these sections includes additional subheads with specific information on what to do in each area. Yoast SEO also lets you see the Yoast settings that affect your site and how they are doing so.

For example, Yoast will display a red icon if it detects duplicate content on your page or highlights in yellow any phrases used many times but not as keywords.

Yoast will also show the Yoast settings that are affecting your site and how they do so

As you make changes to Yoast SEO, Yoast updates its interface with live data. You can see what effect a change has on title length or keyword density right in Yoast’s interface.

Yoast is not just an editor for Yoast SEO. Yoast is your complete WordPress SEO solution.

Yoast provides you with on-page analysis to help identify and solve common issues like keyword stuffing or duplicate content.

Yoast offers a variety of tools for helping optimize your site’s performance:

Yoast’s 404 redirect features will automatically find any broken links in posts or pages and redirect visitors to the proper page

Yoast’s XML Sitemap will help search engines like Google discover your site’s content more easily. Yoast also offers a variety of features designed for maximizing social sharing, including:

Yoast SEO Social Metrics helps you see how robust your onsite optimization is by measuring how well Yoast SEO is doing on the social media front

Yoast Social Sharing lets you create shareable images more easily by adding a few simple details.

Account Setup Process Yost vs. Rank Math Account

How to set up your account in Yoast & Rank Math SEO Plugin.

Account Creation Procedures

Account creation is a simple process on both platforms. All that’s required from the user to get started with either service are their name and email address, which they must provide before proceeding further in the account setup process.

Account Verification Requirements

To set up an account on each platform, users will need to verify their new accounts by providing personal information such as phone numbers or ID cards (e.g., driver’s licenses). This verification step protects against fraudulent activity like spamming and scams.

Account Linking/Activation Procedure

Once you have activated your account through a verified identity provider, it will be linked automatically within 24 hours for both services. Account linkages are done automatically on both services.

Account Creation Fee

There is no account creation fee for either service.

Account Sharing Procedures

Account sharing is not allowed with Rank or Yost, and accounts cannot be associated with third parties such as freelancers, contractors, or affiliates.

Account Security Measures/Policies in Place

All personal information submitted by users during the setup process will always be encrypted using secure socket layer (SSL) technology. It makes it impossible to view any of your private data like your name and email address if a hacker could gain access to them.

Pros and Cons of Yoast and Rank Math

Yoast is one of the most popular SEO plugins on WordPress. It has a lot to offer, but it’s not for everyone either. Let’s go through the Pros and Cons of Yoast and Rank Math so you can decide if it will be suitable for your site or not.

Pros Of Yoast & Rank Math SEO

  • Has an entire section with options that are just as important, like ‘crawl’ and ‘social.’
  • Easy to use interface
  • Detailed explanations for each setting option; this is particularly helpful when there are lots of settings.
  • Integrates nicely into your website once installed. The plugin does its work in the background after installation, so users don’t need to know much about how things are working
  • Very reliable and trustworthy
  • Powerful enough to rank a site on Google without the use of SEO plugins. It saves time for bloggers who don’t want to rely solely on other tools.
  • Provides many helpful features such as keyword research, optimization tips, and inbound link suggestions. You can also get access to Rank Math with this plugin which is not available elsewhere.

Cons Of Yoast & Rank Math SEO

  • sometimes, you need Yoast Premium if you’re looking forward to all that it offers; there are no trial versions, so users must purchase the total version upfront or find alternatives that might work just as well but cost more money than free options (e.g., paid themes)
  • The Pros outweigh Cons by far! If your site is not ranking well, Yoast will surely do the job.
  • This Pros and Cons of Yoast and Rank Math post go through all that you need to know about this fantastic plugin for SEO. It has plenty of Pros, but there are a few cons as with any good thing. The Pros outweigh the Cons by far! If your site isn’t ranking well, it’s likely because you’re missing out on some features or just aren’t doing enough work yourself (e.g., social media posts) so try using Rank Math first before investing in other expensive plugins if possible.
  • Fortune favors those who take the initiative!

If you want to rank high up on Google without paying much money, then I recommend checking out this Pros and Cons of Yoast so you can decide if it’s for your site or not.

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