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Is it time to level up your teaching skills on camera? Maybe you are making an online course, and you want to make sure that your students have a good experience. I’m sharing with you my eight hacks to become better at youtube teaching videos on the camera.

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While many people are afraid about being on camera, it is a skill, so it is something that you can learn and learn quite quickly.

After doing hundreds of youtube teaching videos, I noticed a couple of things that make a difference in creating better youtube teaching videos.

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Script Your Videos And Your Examples

Don’t script your video word by word. So you must script out the point that you want to make in the youtube teaching videos.

And I noticed that it is at least hard to come up with good examples on the fly, so I like to script my points and the criteria that I will use to make that point more straightforward.

That way, I already thought about how to explain something on camera, but I’m not scripting word by word because, at that point, it becomes hard to make sure that you say all the words correctly, and you’ll notice that you have to do about 100 takes to get it right.

And on that note, people often ask whether to use a teleprompter or not. I’ve done both, and honestly, I’m not using a teleprompter anymore.

The reason for that is that it takes a lot of time to type out a full-text word by word, and then it also takes real skill to read that teleprompter without looking completely unnatural.

So I would suggest immediately getting into the habit of scripting out your point and starting to talk to the camera rather than trying to script everything else and having to use that teleprompter.

Learn To Finish Your Sentence

Once you start listening to it, you’ll notice what’s happening.

Most of the time, people tend to speak without actually finishing their sentences, and at that point, it becomes hard to stop talking.

And so you have that feeling that you need to continue to keep on talking and talking and talking because you never actually finish your sentence.

Something that made a massive difference between my first video and when somebody told me to finish my sentence will feel better because it makes it easier to talk and makes it easier to edit. And it becomes a habit talking like that.

Cover only one topic at the time

Become better at teaching on camera is cover only one topic at a time. You might notice that often when I’m doing these types of videos, I will tell you that there are three things or that are five things or whatever it is, and that helps to delimit the number of topics that you are going to cover.

And it also makes it very easy to cover one topic at a time. So when you are doing one of these teachings videos, start by deciding how many points you want to make in the youtube teaching videos and then announce it so that you have to stick with it.

Now, if you script out the points in the video, this becomes much easier, and it will avoid that you keep on rambling.

Don’t Get Frustrated.

Something happens mostly when somebody else is in the room filming with you, but it can even happen when you’re alone.

So what it would look like is if you’re stumbling over your words and you need to restart that, you’re like, oh, and then you restart your phrase. The problem is that this completely changes your energy. It becomes much harder to continue on the same level and cut out that mistake in editing afterwards without it being obvious.

It also might make you change positions and make your hair look the way it should anymore.

So when you mess up, stop talking and restart.

Film With Editing In Mind

When you stumble on the phrase, you don’t restart halfway through that phrase because it will make it much more difficult to edit that out correctly.

Just think, when was the last time that you made a complete stop? Which, again, makes it much easier if you finish your sentences.

So when was the last time that you made a complete stop?

Go back to that point, restart from there, and make it so much easier for the editor or editing your videos to make those very clean cups.

Look Through The Camera

A little trick to be more natural on camera, and the idea is that you have to look through the camera.

So it makes a huge difference when you look at the camera at the lens versus when you imagine that you’re looking through the camera. 

The difference is that a bit of glaze in your eyes makes it feel like somebody isn’t connected.

Now, in the beginning, I saw that it would be more accessible when I had someone there so that it would feel more natural when you’re filming.

But then I noticed that I tend to look at the person to see what they are thinking for me.

And it makes it harder to stay concentrated on looking into the camera. So imagine that somebody is standing right behind that lens.

Amp up that energy

Yes, it is weird when you’re sitting alone in front of a camera to be talking as if you are super happy and super excited. But honestly, when you feel like you’re overdoing it, it will just sound and look reasonably natural on camera. 

If you use your usual energy, it will look as if you are tired, and it can become tiresome to look at one of those videos.

So amp it up to 11. it would help if you did beforehand to make sure that you have that energy, drink that coffee, do that little dance, do a little song, and make sure that you can bring that to your video.

And then finally, obviously, the more you do this, the easier you will become and the better you will become at it.

60 Day Challenge

So that is why I want to challenge you. Can you do a 60-day challenge where each day, you are explaining something on camera?

Now, the crucial thing for these types of challenges to work and for you to improve is that you explain something on camera, and when you look at it and decide what you will do better next time around.

So not doing that exact video. But how can you improve your next youtube teaching videos in the series? You will notice that after 60 days, you will already have improved your skills so much just by doing this one practice.



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